Review of “All American Muslim Girl” by Nadine Jolie Courtney

4.5 rounded up. I loved this novel a lot. I learned so much about being Muslim, living in America, and just her being a normal teenager. This novel had me looking up words in the dictionary! I love it when a YA novel is like this. Where you learn so much about someone, religion, and just learn about yourself along the way too! I would recommend teenagers and adults read this novel. The author did a good job debunking a lot of myths, prejudices, and bias about Muslims. I will recommend this book for years to come!
There was only thing that made my score lower. I wish that instead of her fighting every single person that she would have made it a a teaching moment (especially to the students). I would have had the main character “teach” them about Muslims. Instead the main character just yelled at people about it throughout the novel.

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