2 year anniversary of Book Nerd Alert Blog

I cannot believe that my blog is 2 years old! This blog started when I needed an emotional outlet from stress. I love to talk, read, and research books. So this blog was a natural fit for me!

I never really talk on here about myself. I live in a VERY small town. I grew up on a horse farm. I still have farm animals today, but not as many. I enjoy spending time with my pets, gardening/plants, hiking, camping, hanging out with my family, and crosswords. I enjoy watching TV and movies to unwind. I am a mix of a dog and cat person (this does not make me a psychopath).

I obtained a BS.Ed in Secondary Education: English. I worked in the schools for about 10 years. Today, I assist people with finding jobs. I have been with this job since 2010 (off and on between these dates). I write resumes, workshops, and other programs associated with finding employment.

I started my love of reading very young. I have always had a book in my hand. (My story can be read in another one of my blog posts). During college, I started to read more than one book at once. *** You can read more about how I was able to prepare my brain to do this on another blog post.*** Now I read between 5- 10 books at once. I am not a speed reader. I just make daily reading goals for myself. I have been known to read on my lunch break, waiting in line at a doctor’s appointment, etc.

Since July of this year, I have been under some odd stress. I quit reading for a little while. So my goal of 150 books was lost. I am still in a reading funk. This is a direct result of me not sleeping and being a little depressed. I predict that this will get better here very shortly though.

Being a reader has really changed who I am as a person. I have read books that really opened my eyes to another person’s perspective. I have also traveled the world and experienced different cultures. Reading can take you to magical places.

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog. It has been quite the stress relief for me. It is also fun to write about things that

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