Review of “The Lost Apothecary” by Sarah Penner

Overall: 4.5 /5 Stars Summary of review:  I loved this book! It is a little slow at the beginning. But I loved everything about it. Summary: The story is told in two POVs. 1791: A apothecary (Nella) who secretly poisons men to help women who have been wronged by them.  Nella has a lot of secrets […]

Review of “The Light in Hidden Spaces” by Sharon Cameron

I am rating this book a 3.5 star rating. I felt like I have read this story already. Basically, I can sum up this book quickly. A girl hides 13 Jewish people in her house risking her and her sister’s lives for hiding them. This is a common theme for WW2 books. I liked the […]

Review of “Four Winds” by Kristin Hannah

WOW! What an awesome story with unforgettable characters! Kristin Hannah never disappoints! This is historical fiction novel. I have been going back and forth between a 4 or 5 star review on this book. I am going with a 4.5 and meet in the middle! This novel is multiple POVs between a mother and a […]

Review of “The Orphan Collector” by Ellen Wiseman

I am giving this novel a 3 star review. This review may contain spoilers: Read at your own risk- This story is set in Philadelphia during the 1918 Spanish Flu. It is about a young German-American girl, Pia. She is living in Philadelphia during the outbreak with her twin brothers and mother (father is at […]

Review of “Rabbit Proof Fence” by Doris Pilkington

I am giving this book a 4 star review. I learned a lot about Aboriginals in Australia with this novel. It was an interesting read for sure. My heart was broken with these girls stories. Basically you get the history of Aboriginals from the time white settlers came to the girl’s trek through harsh Australian […]