I want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate everyone’s comments and help figuring out the book club picks. As we progress, it is harder and harder to spot stickers before they announce them. Everyone who comments, I appreciate your guesses and comments! Thank you all!

I am a reader!

I adored the movie “The Last Unicorn.” When I saw another student with the book at a book fair, I tried to buy it, but a teacher said it was above my reading level and refused to let me purchase it. Determined, I started reading numerous books to improve my skills. My first book club Read more

Healing road…

I am writing to share a part of my life that has been profoundly impactful and often challenging. I want to open up about my experience with C-PTSD, not only to express my feelings but also to help others. Living with CPTSD has been like navigating through a never-ending storm. The traumatic events that led Read more

Book of the Month (BOTM) picks August and complete list

For a complete list, click here. Data Historical Fiction 66 Contemporary Fiction 71 Thriller 76 Romance 36 Fantasy 26 Sci-Fi 14 Literary Fiction 76 Memoir 23 Mystery 25 YA 15 Suspense 1 Short stories 7 History  5 Historical Romance 2 Horror 16 Narrative Non-fiction  5 Legal Thriller 9 Non-fiction 11 Essay 6 True Crime 5 Read more

I am back!!!!

I took some time off from the blog. But I will be back posting and updating all my checklists here shortly! I am also going to get back to reviewing. I got a few more things to introduce to the mix as well. Sorry that I took a little time off. I have been just Read more

Catch up game

I am back after a small hiatus. I will be catching up on reviews over this week and into next week. I am behind on my reading as Feb was not a great month. But over the busy spell and almost back to normal. Thanks for understanding. You may see an increase of posts. I Read more

I am sorry….

I am so sorry. This month has been rough for me. I am slowly returning to normal and will start to post more frequently. I am sorry for the delay in posting lately. I promise the month of March, I will be back and posting a lot of content again.


I dont usually promote on here. I buy a ton of bookmarks. Resin, crochet, paper, etc. But when i saw how cute these beaded ones were today, I had to have them. I saw a post on Facebook about these cute bookmarks. She sells Disney, Wed Adams, wizard of Oz, etc. I am stealing the Read more

Journal pages

I was very lucky to be one of the 1st to purchase these journal pages. I love the journey book counter. I always keep track of the places that I “travel” when I read. These are perfect for me! I found them on this etsy shop! I will be posting my progress with these Read more