Taylor Swift’s poetry

I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan. I’m aware that her music isn’t universally loved, but my affection for it runs much deeper than just enjoying a catchy rhythm. As a passionate Taylor Swift fan, I understand that her music offers far more than just a catchy beat. My admiration for her extends to the depth […]


These categories are broad and can overlap, with many subgenres existing within each genre. Additionally, new genres and subgenres continue to emerge as literature evolves and diversifies. While I can’t claim to know every single subgenre (as they are constantly evolving and emerging), I can certainly provide you with an extensive list of subgenres across […]

Celebrity Book Clubs complete lists for Jan 2024 (Reese, Jenna, GMA, Emma, Oprah)

Reese Witherspoon: Hello Sunshine Click here for a complete list of books, click on this PDF. Read with Jenna: Jenna Bush-Hager: The Today Show For a complete list of books, click this PDF. Good Morning America (GMA) Book Club For a complete list of books, click on this PDF. Belletrist: Emma Roberts For a complete […]

Aardvark Book Club picks for December 2023 and a complete list of books

December’s Picks: For a complete list of books, click on this PDF: Data: Some of these are counted as more than one category. Historical Fiction 16 Contemporary Fiction 23 Thriller 16 Romance 19 Sci-Fi 3 Literary Fiction 20 Mystery 21 LGBTQ+ 2 Memoir 1 Coming of age 8 Fantasy 3 Crime 6 Humorous 10 LGBTQ+ […]

BOTM (Book of the Month) Club Book selections for December 2023 and complete book list

For a complete list of books, please click on this PDF. Data: Historical Fiction 68 Contemporary Fiction 75 Thriller 79 Romance 39 Fantasy 28 Sci-Fi 14 Literary Fiction 79 Memoir 23 Mystery 25 YA 16 Suspense 1 Short stories 8 History  5 Historical Romance 2 Horror 16 Narrative Non-fiction  5 Legal Thriller 10 Non-fiction 11 […]

Healing road…

I am writing to share a part of my life that has been profoundly impactful and often challenging. I want to open up about my experience with C-PTSD, not only to express my feelings but also to help others. Living with CPTSD has been like navigating through a never-ending storm. The traumatic events that led […]