Review of “The No-Show” by Beth O’Leary

Review: 3.5-star review Summary: This book follows three women (Siobhan, Miranda, and Jane). They do not know each other but have someone in common0- Joseph. They all three get stood up by the same man on Valentine’s Day. Each relationship with Joseph is different: Siobhan is a casual fling that turns into feelings; Miranda is Read more

Review of “By The Book” by Jasmine Guillory (Book #2 in the Meant To Be series)

Rating: 3.5 to a 4 star rating Summary:  A modern re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Part two of the “Meant to Be” series. Each book in the series is written by a different author and a new fairy tale. They are both stand-alone books. This book is about Isabelle who works at a publishing Read more

Review of “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Sophie Cousens

Overall:  4 stars Summary: Laura goes to Jersey for work. She is going to investigate her parents’ love story in the exact locations where they met, proposed, etc. Her believing that every love story has a great meet-cute story starts off this novel. On her trip, she picks up the wrong bag at the airport. Read more

Review of “Something Wilder” by Christina Lauren

Overall:  5  star review Summary: Lily’s father was a famous treasure hunter. She now makes a living from her deceased father’s old journals by taking people on a fake treasure hunt. But Lily dreams of a life buying her family ranch. At one point, she lived there with her ex-boyfriend. Those were her happiest memories. Read more

Review of “The Holiday Switch” by Tif Marcelo

Overall:  3 star review Summary: Lila is in high school and works for an inn. Her hours are reduced because the owner’s nephew will be working at the inn for Christmas. They immediately do not like one another. They accidently switch phones and discover that both are keeping secrets from their families. As they talk, Read more

Review of “Nick and Noel’s Christmas Playlist” by Codi Hall

3 more reviews before I am all caught up!!!!!! Then I promise my reviews will get better! 🙂 Overall:  3.5 star review Summary: Nick just returned from the military to his hometown. He goes to see his girlfriend only to find out she is with someone else. Noel is his best friend and long-time family Read more

Review of “Honey Don’t List” by Christina Lauren

Overall: 3 star review Summary: This story is set with two POVs, Carey and James. Carey works for a husband/wife (Melissa and Rusty) team that has a popular franchise with flipping houses (think Chip and Joanna in real life). Her main job is working for Melissa. For the cameras and the public, the couple is Read more

Review of “The Love Hypothesis” by Ali Hazelwood

Overall:  4.5 out of 5 stars Summary of Review: A cute rom-com with adorable characters! I could not get enough of this book! Summary: In her busy 3rd year in the PhD program, Olive is single. Who can blame her with all the work she has to keep up with in this program? Her best friend wants Read more

Review of “If The Shoe Fits” by Julie Murphy (Meant To Be series #1)

Overall: 5 /5 Stars Summary of review:  I loved this book a lot. The characters, the reality show,  body positivity, etc. It was such a cute and modern re-telling of Cinderella.  OMG! If this is how the Meant To Be series will be…. I am reading them all! Summary: Cindy just graduated with a degree in Read more

Review of “People We Meet On Vacation” by Emily Henry

Overall: 5 /5 Stars Summary of review:  What a great read! I wish that I would have read this book sooner than I did! I loved it! Emily Henry did it again! Summary: Poppy and Alex! The are an unlikely pair of friends from a small town in Ohio. Poppy is a city girl at heart Read more

Review of “The Soulmate Equation” by Christina Lauren

I loved this book and the characters! What a charming read. I am rating this book a 4.5 star review. The story starts with a single mother, Jess. She is not looking for love but decides with her best friend to do a new dating app that takes people’s DNA and matches them with their Read more

ARC alert

Thanks to Netgalley for this beauty! I mean look at that cover. I fell in love with Christina Lauren with Unhoneymooners and Holidaze. She is becoming one of my favorite authors. I cannot wait to read this one! My review will be on Netgalley, Goodreads, here on my blog and social media. Happy reading, Book Read more