HOW TO: How to get a BOTM (Book of the Month) receipt Penguin Readers Rewards website

How to upload a receipt for your Rewards for Penguin Book Club if you bought it from BOTM (Book of the Month)? This is what I do… I either go to the app and take a screenshot from my phone. You will need to make sure that you are screenshotting the amount of money (even […]

How to guide: Send books from Netgalley directly to your Kindle

In a nutshell: Add your to Netgalley’s website Add Netgalley to allowed 3rd party books to send to your Kindle Below is the way to complete both of these steps! To locate your address: Locate this in the “My account” section of your kindle. This is NOT the same as your Amazon email […]

Book Nerd Definition Guide: Your guide to understand Book Nerd talk on social media

Book nerd definition guide: I am sure that I am missing some. But I tried to include a lot of the terms that people use on social media and reviews. When transitioning to social media, I found it hard to understand some of the terms. I had to Google some or ask others what terms […]