“Everything Is Ok” by Debbie Tung

This book is heavy but done so in a light-hearted way. It is hard to talk about depression, anxiety, and social anxiety with a little bit of humor and light-heartedness. After reading this book, I really had hope and joy. There were very dark times but it was also uplifting. It is hard to explain! Read more

Review of “And Now I Spill the Family Secrets: An Illustrated Memoir” by Margaret Kimball

Overall: 2.5-3/5 Stars Summary of review: A graphic novel memoir that is beautifully drawn, but fell flat for me. Summary: A graphic novel about the author’s childhood. She navigates her mother’s bi-polar disorder and several hospitalizations associated with that. She also goes through her parent’s divorce, her father remarrying, and other adolescent problems/issues throughout her family. Read more

“Lady Killer” by Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich Review

I loved issues 1 and 2. I must read the others. I heard this series was to be adapted into a TV series or movie. The plot sounded intriguing to me. I picked up these two, and loved them! The graphics were great! They were colorful. The plot was fast-paced. The characters were interesting. It Read more

Review of “The Giver:” the graphic novel by Craig P. Russell and Lois Lowry

5 star review! First off, read the novel first! “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is just one of my favorite novels. The novel centers around Jonas a boy in a world of no pain and sameness. He is taken in to be the giver. The giver basically is the mentor of the community. He holds Read more

28 Days Later by Michael Alan Nelson and Declan Shalvey (illustrator)

I am rating this graphic novel a 4 star review. What I liked about the book: I loved the graphics! The colors were so vivid and the graphics were spot on. I loved the overall plot. This story is set between the movies “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later.” It follows Selena and she Read more

Review of “The Oracle Code” by by Marieke Nijkamp (Goodreads Author), Manuel Preitano (Illustrations)

I am giving this novel a 4 star review. I really enjoyed this graphic. It is set in the DC universe. I like having super heroes that are different than your typical masked crusaders. She is a hacker and uses her talents to uncover the truth about a mystery that is happening at the facility Read more

Review of “Days of Sugar and Spice” by Clément Loïc, Montel Anne (Illustrator)

Review of “Days of Sugar and Spice” by Clément Loïc, Montel Anne (Illustrator) 4.5 stars This was a very quick read! But I enjoyed it a lot. About a girl with an estranged father who passes away and leaves her with his bakery. It is more about forgiveness. The story was great! I liked the Read more

Review for “Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations” by Mira Jacob

I am giving this graphic novel a 5 star review. This was a great graphic novel. I had been trying to get my hands on this book for a while now. Let me tell you that I was not disappointed. This is a memoir completely done in conversations. What an unique way of writing! The Read more

“Pumpkin Heads” by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks review

I read “Pumpkin Heads” by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks. I love Rainbow Rowell books, so when I knew I was reading her graphic novel! I rated this book 4.5 stars. This book can literally be read by Young Adults or Adults. The artwork was wonderful. This was one of the best graphic novels Read more

“White Bird: A Wonder Story” by R.J. Palacio Review

My review is 5 Stars This is a “Spin off” from R.J. Palacio’s other novel titled “Wonder” and “Auggie & Me.” In “Auggie and Me,” the reader is introduced to Julian’s grandmother, Grandmère. She is the main character in this novel. You do not have to read the other two novels by R.J. Palacio. It Read more