29 Punk Genres

So I started to do some research on genres that I have yet to read. I noticed a lot of subgenres end in punk. So I fell down a rabbit-hole of information. These genres often explore unique, speculative worlds with distinct technological and cultural aesthetics. Some more genres (Rare): 1. Nanopunk 2. Splatterpunk 3. Greenpunk Read more


These categories are broad and can overlap, with many subgenres existing within each genre. Additionally, new genres and subgenres continue to emerge as literature evolves and diversifies. While I can’t claim to know every single subgenre (as they are constantly evolving and emerging), I can certainly provide you with an extensive list of subgenres across Read more

Cli-Fi Book list

I have been interested in finding a good cli-fi book (Climate change fiction). This is NOT a political post. I just wanted to read a dystopia that was different. Here is a list of some cli-fi books: American War by Omar El Akkad Oryx and Crake series by Margaret Atwood Maddaddam series by Margaret Atwood Read more

Christmas Books

I made a list a week ago with ROM-COMs for Christmas. This list is books about Christmas that is not rom-coms. Some are dark…some are funny! But I hope you enjoy! Letter from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens The Man Who Invented Christmas by Les Standiford The Usual Santas by Read more

Pen Names of Authors

Real name: Stephen King Pen name: Richard Bachman Real name: Joanne Rowling Pen name: J.K. Rowling, Robert Galbraith Real name: Nora Roberts Pen name: J.D. Robb Real Name: Clive Hamilton Pen Name: CS Lewis- Real Name: Joyce Carol Oates- Pen name: Rosamond Smith and Lauren Kelly Real Name: Isaac Asimov- Pen name: Paul French Real Read more