30 Book Nerd Pet Peeves

  • Someone trying to talk to you at the end of a book
  • Stickers on new books
  • When someone tells you the ending of a story by accident
  • A person tells you the movie was better
  • When the ending is not good as the rest of the book
  • When your Kindle battery is almost dead and you just sit down to read
  • Movie book cover
  • A hard to pronounce name of a character in a book
  • Dog eared, folded pages, and ripped out pages
  • When you get a library book and something is spilled on the pages or it is dirty
  • Judging a book by its cover
  • When you watch a movie, and they got it all wrong
  • Editing errors
  • You start a number 2 in a series without knowing it is a book within a series
  • When people say they never read a book before or after the 7th grade. Then they are proud of it and dismiss me for reading.
  • Books you read and love before they are popular. Other people read it and hate it. Then all of a sudden, it is wildly popular.
  • Delayed release dates for a book you have been waiting for
  • You want to read a book, but the library does not have it to check out
  • You holds come in all in the same day
  • People who borrow books and you never see them again. Or they come back to you damaged.
  • When you have an unpopular opinion on a popular book or author
  • Crumbs or sand on your book from the library
  • When people write or highlight in a library book
  • Some people like them and others hate them….. deckled pages
  • Covers or summaries of the book that spoil the plot and/or ending
  • Using fancy words for no reason
  • Over the shoulder readers
  • People who interrupt me constantly while reading a book
  • People who judge the books that I read (Graphic novels, Rom-coms, etc.)
  • People who judge me when I buy MORE books. Or they tell me that I do not need more books.

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