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  1. Ashley says:

    I’ve tried to subscribe to your newsletter with multiple emails and I never get an email to subscribe. Can you help with this? Love your content!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Let me research the issue. You have not been the only one telling me this is happening. I will get back to you.

  2. anony says:

    I have a hunch about the Reese book based on reviews, the other author quotes on Amazon, and publisher, but I am really waiting for this page to say what it is for me and letting me know whether I am right or not.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Sorry, I cannot confirm with seeing a sticker yet. Hold tight. I am hoping that the box of books arrive soon with stickers attached!

  3. Bert says:

    I’m guessing Reese’s book will be Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel, particularly as its publication date was moved up from April 19 to April 5 (i.e., the first Tuesday of the month – when book club picks are typically announced).

    1. Book Nerd says:

      This is what my prediction is as well. My family thinks otherwise. I guess we will find out soon enough!

      1. Bert says:

        I hope your family is right because I REALLY want to read the book and HATE buying books with those stickers on them.

        1. Book Nerd says:

          I cannot be sure yet. I wish they would just get the shipment of books already!

    2. Madison says:

      It is not. My library just got our shipment of Sea of Tranquility and there were no Reese stickers.

      1. Book Nerd says:

        Yea. I just got a box of them and no stickers on them.

  4. Sara says:

    So what is Reese next pick please

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I have yet to confirm what it is. I work during the day. If I know or my sister sees a sticker, I will post when I have the chance.

  5. a says:

    I feel like Sister Stardust looks like it could be a potential choice for April’s Reese pick.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      It could be. I have been spying that one on social media. But someone told me that the official copy of it was seen without the sticker. But people have been very wrong about that in the past.

      1. Kimberly says:

        I also saw Sister Stardust at a store last week and the cover didn’t have any book club labels on it. I guess it is possible there could be another set of covers. We just have to wait and see.

        1. Book Nerd says:

          I also saw the cover of this book today and no sticker. So I ruled it out.

  6. C says:

    GMA Book Club title is “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus.
    (Per circle printed on jacket)

    No obvious sign of the Reese pick yet…

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Thanks. Where did you see the sticker? I will put it on my blog!

  7. Madison says:

    It is True Biz. We got a copy shipped in at my library system today and it has the Reese sticker!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      wow thanks! I will post it on my blog! Thanks

      1. Megan says:

        Thanks for alway keeping us up to date! I love to preorder books when I can 🙂

        1. Book Nerd says:

          You’re welcome. I like to have that book on hold at the library before it is a year wait time.

      2. Madison says:

        No problem! I’ll be sure to let you know in future months as well if I see them before you post. (:

        1. Book Nerd says:

          That would be awesome! I really appreciate it. My sister sees the boxes of books coming in, but sometimes it can be the day before. I would really appreciate it! 🙂

  8. Madison says:

    Also, we just saw GMA’s sticker on Lessons in Chemistry.

  9. Liam says:

    portrait of a thief has to be some kind of pick! seeing that one too

  10. Adita says:

    I have noticed that Lessons in Chemistry is all focused on the UK cover on Instagram, which seems suspicious. Maybe that will be a pick for Reese or GMA. Can’t wait to find out! Thank you for posting these regularly.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Yes. Someone said that Lessons in Chemistry is the GMA pick.

  11. Ashley says:

    Thanks for sharing! I already preordered Lessons in Chemistry and True Biz sounds like a Reese pick! I am also excited for Portrait of a Thief even though it isn’t a pick. Memphis was great by the way!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I have Lessons in Chemistry as an arc. I just have not had the time to read it. I got True Biz for my pick at Book of the month. Portrait of a thief and memphis sounds VERY good too. This month will be hard to pick between all the books. I already started a bunch of books. I think that I am reading like 6 right now.

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