Spoilers March 2022 celebrity book clubs

Gma / good morning america
Read with jenna/ jenna Bush hager
Reese hello sunshine

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  1. anonymous | at | Reply

    I’d be curious if the guess for Reese is Ellery Lloyd considering it’s a pseudonym for a writing couple, but they usually pick sole female writers.

    • Book Nerd | at | Reply

      I do agree with you this is not her normal pick. But my sister offically opened a book full of her stickers on this book. I am not sure why this was picked because of the husband and wife duo.

      • anonymous | at | Reply

        Well, if the book has a female lead then that would still be why they could have chose this.

        • Book Nerd | at | Reply

          Part of the team is a woman. I am sure that she will address this when the book is announced. The book choice will be talked about.

  2. Laila | at | Reply

    Hi so what is the reese book for march please

    • Book Nerd | at | Reply

      It is on the blog as of today. I thought that I saw a sticker on it from before. But I have it finally saw it offically.

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