15 reasons why I read…

Why do I love to read so much? Let me tell you a few things about reading!

  1. The community of people: You meet so many people at libraries, online groups that discuss books, etc. The book community is so large too. So no matter what social media that I have, I can always find someone to chat with about a book. Books are also great conversational tools as well. I have started a lot of conversations with book related topics!
  2. Entertainment: I have so much fun reading. I have laughed out loud, cried, and even learned a thing or two. Books can change your life, way you think, or just entertain you if you are bored. Most of the time, reading a book is free! So there you have it, a free hobby!
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Knowledge: I have learned so much with my head in a book!
  5. Encourage: When children or adults see me reading, I encourage people to pick up a book. But not only that but the book community also encourages me to keep reading! They are so supportive!
  6. Expand my mind: Being able to think in someone else’s shoes is an important part of reading. Books are known to increases the ability to empathize with others. So it basically makes you kinder. Books have changed my way of thinking on a lot of subjects as well. Books also encourages me to pose questions and think about subjects that I would never think about if not for books.
  7. Travel the world: I have been all over the world with books. I have been to every continent, on the ocean, even in other worlds or lands.
  8. The hunt for the book: One great part of reading is trying to find the next 5 star read. Or knowing that you want to read a book and the library just gets it in!
  9. The satisfaction of finishing a book (especially if a 5 star read).
  10. Stress reducer: I need to read to reduce my stress. The more books that I am reading, the more stressed that I am. I use reading to escape someplace else as a stress reducer!
  11. Books also enhance sleeping. I read before bed every night in order to relax my mind and go to sleep!
  12. Enhancing focus, better memory, concentration, and comprehensio, and analytical thinking skills
  13. Better writing skills
  14. Develops creativity
  15. Known to increase your life span to up to 2 year as well as diminishing the risk of mental or physical illness including Alzheimer’s

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