Review on “Inside Out” by Demi Moore

It is hard to rate a book that they open up about their lives like a memoir.

This memoir is about Demi Moore. Her stories go from her childhood. Her family were wanders always moving from place to place. Additionally, Demi had a lot of things that changed the course of her life in her early years. She speaks of her rising stardom, movies, her three failed marriages (including the two celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Brice Willis). She explains about her sobriety, Kabbalah, and her struggles with her family throughout the years.

I found Demi to be a strong woman. Being able to pour her heart out on paper for everyone to read. Her happiness with her family, movies, fame, love, and just being a strong/independent woman. She also explains her tragedies including a miscarriage, divorces, cheating husbands, sobriety, and family drama. It takes a lot to open up about a lot of the things that she did especially being in the public eye like she is.

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