Aardvark Book Club picks for December 2023 and a complete list of books

December’s Picks:

  • Act Like a Lady Think Like a Lord by Celeste Connally
  • The Fiction Writer by Jullian Cantor
  • The Other Half by Charlotte Wassell
  • What Waits in the Woods by Terri Parlato
  • Your For the Taking by Gabrielle Korn

For a complete list of books, click on this PDF:


Some of these are counted as more than one category.

Historical Fiction 16

Contemporary Fiction 23

Thriller 16

Romance 19

Sci-Fi 3

Literary Fiction 20

Mystery 21


Memoir 1

Coming of age 8

Fantasy 3

Crime 6

Humorous 10


Political  1

Movie/TV coming 2

Sci-Fi 5

Horror 6

Award Winning 1

Gothic fiction 3

Debut: 22 which is 12% of their picks

Early releases: 15 which is 8% of their picks

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