All Around the World with Books in a year

So I have been thinking about cool ways to motivate me and others to read. The theme that I am doing this year, will be through the decades. I have done this one in the past, and would like to share. I may do this theme in 2021. I have read either one or more books with the setting or author being from a new country a month. For example,

Jan- United States

Feb- Canada

March- Central America

April- South America

May- Europe

June- Africa

July- Middle East

August- India

September- China

October- Japan

November- Australia

December- United States

I used to use different countries every single year. But I wanted to pretend like I was flying around the world, so I always ended up where I started.

This method is a good way to stay motivated, but still have the freedom to choose whatever books that you want to read. I like book challenges every year, but I hate being forced to pick a book for each category. Just an idea for anyone wanting to do a personal goal or stay motivated come the new year!

Happy reading, Book Nerds!

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