ARC Book Review: “Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet” by Bonnie Wright

Review: 5 stars


This book talks about climate change. How anyone can start to make a difference by changing what you buy, activities, cook, etc. The author is Bonnie Wright, an actress famous for her role in the Harry Potter movies.

My thoughts:

First this book does NOT talk about politics at all. I loved that about this book! When the world made climate change into a political topic, sadly people won’t even listen to how they can make changes.

This book covered a lot of heavy topics. But she mixed it up with each page. From pictures and diagrams, to interviews and recipes. I really enjoyed the break of it to read the interviews throughout. Additionally, when reading these types of books, you have it either too hard to read or a “dumbed” down version. This was the perfect blend. I really enjoyed the writing!

I really liked the pictures in the book. All were colorful and some interesting. But I really enjoyed the break from all the climate change jargon to see the pictures!

I live in a rural conservative area. I do not have access to a lot of the things that she discusses in the book. But…. I can do my part and do what I can. I really liked how many suggestions she made in the book.

I also found the topic of “Ikigai” interesting. I just read another book that highlighted this a few months ago. It was interesting to read another take on this same theory. I really find it fascinating.

There are a ton of really good recipes in this book too! I really want to try the “earth burgers.”

I have read a lot of these climate change books and this book is one of my favorites.

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