August 2022: Celebrity Book Club Spoilers

Good Morning America

I have touched the book with the sticker on it! This is confirmed! 7/19/22

GMA (Good Morning America) August pick


REESE WITHERSPOON Hello Sunshine (Sorry, I have been on vacation)

Reese’s pick

This is NOT confirmed…I didn’t see the sticker in person. Someone tipped me off that it was om Instagram. This will not be here August pick but maybe a September pick due to the release date. It is odd that this will be a repeat author for Reese. I have to admit, it is a little fishy. But I am posting on here for anyone who wanted to see it. Just be aware that I did not see a sticker just this post.

I included the Instagram handle in case anyone wants to see. This post was taken down. More in likelydue to them releasing this too early. Next time, I will not be including the handle.

5 thoughts on “August 2022: Celebrity Book Club Spoilers

  1. I’m thinking that had to be false but have time see I guess! I just looked at that account and I can’t see that post now. Also, it is just in the events now for RBC that the book reveal is August 2. Carrie Soto isn’t released until August 30…. Only time will tell. Either way – definitely already preordered Carrie Soto.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I have Carrie Soto as an arc. I am going to read it next, I think. I agree with you. And Reese’s Club has been throwing decoy books with stickers on them lately. I like to see them with my own eyes. I just figure that I would post it with a disclaimer.

      Totally agree with you though about being shady leaking so early. I have seen stickers as early on as 2 months ahead. But…. Reese normally does not repeat authors. She will announce their new books and endorse them. But never picks them.

  2. I have a weird feeling that RWJ might be Rabbit Hutch by Tess Gunty? Nothing to substantiate that, just seeing the buzz/press and feeling like it might fit for Jenna’s list.

  3. kristen amen says:

    Jamie Ford’s book has the sticker on it in Baker & Taylor. It’s an excellent book & a great choice!

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