Book Club of the Month Club(BOTM)

I subscribe to the Book of the Month Club. I just started in June 2020. But I love it. I signed up to get an early release of Riley Sager’s new book in June instead of waiting until July. That is a perk to the club is early releases. But they are physical books and come to my house. The shipping is fast as well.

It introduces me to new genres or authors. But they usually have some really good books on there. I also like to join unofficial book swap clubs and exchange a BOTM book for another one.

They have also teamed up to have Jenna Bush-Hager books on their selections. I have also noticed Reese’s selections are often picked as well.

So basically you get a membership with one book a month at one cost. I want to say $14.99. Then you can select 2 other books (only if you want) for $9.99 each. You can also skip a month and then you get a credit for the following month and will not be charged. It is a basic subscription model. You can refer friends and get a book for free. If you become a BFF, you can start to get a tote, free book at the end of the year, and other swag as you read and review the books on their site. You will also get a free book in your birthday month if you are a BFF. TO become a BFF, you need to have so many boxes a month sent to you. I have yet to become a BFF. I have skipped several months though.

One thing that I wish they had was getting ebooks instead of physical books. And sometimes their site is a little glitchy. I would also love to have clues to what the books are prior to them releasing them. This would ensure me being able to select the books right away plus having a little fun with it.

Needless to say, I love being in this club and getting my books every month! The link to it is below. If you are interested in being referred by me, comment below and I can give you my recommendation link as well.

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