Book Nerd Definition Guide: Your guide to understand Book Nerd talk on social media

Book nerd definition guide:

I am sure that I am missing some. But I tried to include a lot of the terms that people use on social media and reviews. When transitioning to social media, I found it hard to understand some of the terms. I had to Google some or ask others what terms meant. Ironically, today I am writing a guide to those same terms that years ago I struggled with! Enjoy! Happy reading, Book Nerds!

ARC, Galley, Uncorrected proof, eARC, DRC: Advanced Readers’ Copy

BBF or BB: Book Boyfriend

Binge read: Reading a lot of books in a row or simultaneously

Book hangover: When a book leaves you like a hangover; drained and not wanting to pick up another book. Typically, the book is either emotional or very good.

Booktube or book vlogs: Youtube channels that talk about books

Book Tok: Videos on Tik Tok that discuss books

Bookstagram: Instagram pages that are dedicated to books

Buddy read: when two or more people read a novel togethe

Cliffie or cliffhanger: the ending leaves you with unanswered questions

Contemp: contemportary fiction: modern day setting

Cover reveal: when an author or puchlisher releases a cover to a new novel

DNF: Did not finish

Ebook: Kindle or any none physical book

EW: Edelweiss

Fan fiction OR FF: fiction written by fans that uses a published author’s characters and/or settings

FC: Finished copy of a book

FB: Facebook

GR: Goodreads

HEA: Happily Ever After

HC: Hardcover book

Info-dump: the author “dumps” a lot of information at the reader

ISBN: international standard book number: like a social security number for a book

KU: Kindle Unlimited

MC: Main character

NA: New Adult

NBR: Not Book Related

NG: Netgalley

MG: Middle Grade

PB: Paperback but could also mean picture book

Physical copy: copy of a book with paper

PNR: paranormal romance

POC: person of color

POV: point of view

Reading slump: when you have no desire to pick up a novel to read. Sometimes this occurs when you read a few books that may be 1-3 star ratings.

RTC: Review to come

SF/F:Sci-fi or fantasy

Spoiler: anything that “spoils” or ruins a novel for someone else who has not read it. Giving away important details of a novel (ending, twists, etc.)

Shelfie: a picture of your book shelf

STS: Stacking the shelves

TBR: To be read

TW: Trigger Warning

Twist: something unexpected happens during the book

UF: Urban Fantasy

WIP: work in progress

YA: Young Adult

Book Series:

ACOTR: A Court of Thorn and Roses series

FBAA– From Blood and Ash Series

LOTR: Lord of the Rings

COHO: Colleen Hoover

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