Book to Movie/T.V. adaptions and other book news

First look at Dune movie to be released soon. See below!

John Green’s new book is going to be Non-fiction essay collection from his podcast The Anthropocene Era. He is famous for writing the hit books “The Fault of Our Stars,” and Looking for Alaska.” The book will be titled “The Anthropocene Reviewed.”

Mackenzi Lee is writing a YA book about Gamora and Nebula from The Guardians of the Galaxy.

From the novels in the Fletch series by Gregory Medonald comes a new movie. Once made famous by Chevy Chase who plays in the movies in the 80s called Fletch. Jon Hamm will be reprising the role in a new movie. It is called Confess, Fletch.

HBO will be adapting Michael Crichton’s novel “Sphere” into a series! Yes, there was a movie but this will be a series!

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