Cli-Fi Book list

I have been interested in finding a good cli-fi book (Climate change fiction). This is NOT a political post. I just wanted to read a dystopia that was different.

Here is a list of some cli-fi books:

American War by Omar El Akkad

Oryx and Crake series by Margaret Atwood

Maddaddam series by Margaret Atwood

Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

The Overstory by Richard Powers

The New Atlantis by Ursula K. Guin

Implanted by Lauren C. Teffeau

Tentacle by Rita Indiana

Stochasticity by Tobias S. Bucknell

The Drowned World by K.G. Ballard

The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalopi

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigakupi

Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller

Memory of Water by Emmi Itarante

Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins

Flight Behavior by Barabara Kingsolver

The Healer by Antti Tyomainen

Gun Island by Amitar Ghosh

Solar by Ian McEwan

The Seat Summer by George Turner

New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson

Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson

War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi

Weather by Jenny Offill

Orange World by Karen Russell

A Friend of the Earth by T.C. Boyle

Orleans by Sherri Smith

The Beast of Cretacea by Todd Strasser

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

There are some of these that I added to my TBR. But there is not a lot of Cli-fi out there.

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