End of the year crunch…

Have you not made your goal for the year? Are you rushing to finish novels to meet that goal? We all get this way at the end of the year. Something always happens in the middle of the year where we all get behind on our reading goals. But have no fear, here are some tips to help meet these goals before the new year!

Have you tried Graphic Novels? Pick one up. They are quick reads. You can find graphic novels about anything from growing up, fantasy, zombies, memoirs, biographies, history, and even books that you may have already read or seen (To Kill a Mockingbird or Charlie’s Angels).

Read books under 100 pages. There are so many out there. I have so many shorter classics that I enjoy (Alice in Wonderland, Fredrick Douglas’ autobiography, The House On Mango Street, etc.). Even books that came out this year like (My sister, The Serial Killer). Goodreads and other websites (Bookish) sometimes have lists of books that are under 100 pages.

Read poetry books. There are so many to chose from. I prefer classic poetry books. But I also like Amanda Lovelace’s poetry books. These are modern and typically have themes to her poetry.

Read a few Non-Fiction books about anything you want. Read about Dog breeds or a time in history.

Pick up a novel that was DNF and finish it. You are already half way through might as well “get it dun,” as we say in Western PA, and finish it!

Listen to an audiobook on your way to buy gifts or work. Audiobooks are a good way to “read” a book but still get other things accomplished. I enjoy a good story when I am taking a bath, cleaning the house, travelling, etc.

Needless to say, do not wait until the last minute to start the last book of the year. Happy reading, Book Nerds!

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