How To Cure A Reading Slump

I am currently at a reading slump. I have been thinking about ways to get me out of this slump. Sometimes during the year, I need motivation to keep reading. What do you do to get yourself out of a reading slump? Here are a few good tips to try to avoid the dreaded slump.

  1. Try a new genre.
  2. Try a book that has great ratings.
  3. Read a book that you loved (5 stars) review again.
  4. Try another form of reading (Physical, ebook, audiobook, etc.)
  5. Join a book club. It could be online, in person, or anything.
  6. Join a social media group that talks about books.
  7. Join a subscription service to help with picking a new book.
  8. Go to the library and just browse.
  9. Try reading a book that was just adapted into a movie/TV show. Read the book and watch the show right after.
  10. Give yourself page number goals each week.

I think that I am going to pause all my books and try a new and interesting genre. I have been reading a lot of memoirs lately. I have started to read true crime for the first time. I even tried an audiobook. I think a little less stress in my life will help me out tremendously. I am heading on a week-long vacation starting next week. It may be all that I need to re-group and get me right back to reading books again! My goal this year was between 130-150 books this year. I really need to get out of this slump in order to achieve this goal.

Happy reading, Book Nerds!

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