How to obtain, promote, and review ARCs

How to get ARCs:

What are ARCs? They are called Advanced Readers’ Copy. It is a pre-released copy of a book in exchange for an honest review on social media, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. When you hear people talking about “book mail,” typically it is an ARC.

  1. Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)
  2. Follow Authors
  3. Follow Book clubs and blogs on social media
  4. Publishers (find a list of publishers and start following them)
  5. Websites
  6. Publishers and sign up for all emails on their websites (a lot have book newsletters that they send out often)
  7. Blogs and sign up for all emails
  8. Goodreads Giveaways: You cannot use the app for this. You need to find a browser then go to “browse” then “giveaways.”
  9. BookRiot is a website that discusses books. Every once in a while, they will have contests as well.
  10. Bookish and BookishFirst: They have a new book contest every Monday. They also give you points for reviews on their books that you can exchance for one of those books as well. Additionally, they have contests to enter as well.
  11. Readitforward: They often have contests
  12. Feminist Book Club is a good example of a book club that has contests online
  13. Library Thing
  14. Netgalley (I get most of them from here): You can get “read it now” books. Or you can ask the publisher to receive an ARC.
  15. Edelweiss
  16. Emails
  17. Contests: Publishers, authors, and blogs often email you with contests, etc.
  18. Contact the publisher directly

After you get an ARC, make sure that you do what the instructions that came with the book state. If it states for you to post it on social media do so. Use all the #s that they request. I always add more #s to it as well just to get more people to see it. I also make the post “public” on Facebook. I will make it my story on Instagram. Additionally, post on social media book clubs, your own blog or bookstagram (if you have one), and add it to Goodreads. I will mention how excited that I am to receive “book mail,” the publishing date, any #s that they would like, and sometimes a short summary of the book. Always take a nice picture of the book. I typically find a good background or outside with my book. Anything that looks good and makes the book pop in the picture.

After you are completed, make sure you that you put an honest review. I typically begin the review with “Thanks for XYZ Publisher and NetGalley for the chance to receive this ARC. In exchange, I am adding my honest review of this book.” If it is a negative review, do not worry about it and be honest. State the positives of the book and add why you reviewed it the way that you did. Make sure you are very detailed. I always include a brief summary of the book in my own words. If it was from Netgalley, you will need to review it on their website first then transfer it to Goodreads. Bookishfirst is also this way. If a publisher provides that ARC to you, then I simply post if on Goodreads and social media with the #s. ***Sometimes you receive an ARC unedited. When reviewing an ARC, do not mention grammar, etc. I never quote a book with an ARC  in my review either.*** This is very important.

I am sure there are more ways to receive ARCs. But this has given me luck! I am by no means an expert. Good luck with your search. If you have any questions for me, drop me a comment below! Happy reading!

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