March 2023 Book Club Spoilers

GMA March 2023: Thanks to a comment! 🙂

Read with jenna

Sorry. I have been late to post. I have been swamped at work. After this week, I should be able to get caught up.

26 thoughts on “March 2023 Book Club Spoilers

  1. Jason Williams says:

    Black Candle Women – Read with Jenna

  2. Wondering what other people here think about the RBC app closing down. I think it changed after Hello Sunshine was sold and it’s been going downhill. Does anyone know any other forums for meaningful book discussions?

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I know there are some Facebook groups. Sometimes I will also go onto Goodreads on their forums. They also have a Netgalley forum on Bookish site.

      I agree with the quality going downhill. I used to always go on the app. But anymore, they rarely update it. It crashes a lot.

  3. Noooooo sad about RBC app! I was too swamped to really club along recently and when I came back noticed there was barely any content. It probably peaked over a year ago, but it was really fun and unique. No more fb groups 🤣

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I agree. I have noticed that too. Sad… I actually did enjoy their content.

  4. Beachy Librarian says:

    Does anyone have any ideas what Reese’s Book Club selection will be for March 2023? I found these spoilers so helpful in my collection development efforts for my library. Thanks!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I have not. But…. typically if i do not see spoilers or my followers do not, it could be an older book.

      1. Beachy Librarian says:

        Good point! I wonder which older book it’ll be? Or maybe it’s a paperback version of a hardcover title she ended up selecting? I think that happened with “The Dictionary of Lost Words” last year.

  5. This won’t help for this month, but I just learned from a bookseller that Chain Gang All-Stars by Nana Kwame Adjoin-Brenyah will be one of the club’s selections for the month of May. The book was due to be released on April 4 but the publication date has now been changed to May 2.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Intesting. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep on eye out on this one for next month.

      1. Two months from now. It will be a May selection.

  6. I feel like Weyward is the kind of novel Reese would pick this month.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      It does seem like a Reese pick for sure.

  7. I find that I’m usually disappointed when there’s no Reese spoiler. Seems like that means it’s going to be an older book. Has anyone seen any of the new releases for Tuesday to confirm what it’s not?? Thank you.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I would agree with you. Typically when no one sees a new book, it could be a YA book or an older book. I have yet to see a sticker on any book. I get to see a lot of the covers early.

  8. Could it possibly be The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell? It seems to me like that book is gettin a lot of buzz and it comes out on 3/7.

  9. Reese chose THE NIGHTINGALE by Kristin Hannah.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Probably why no one saw a sticker. Those older books, I rarely order any new copies of them.

  10. It looks like Reese is moving to a text-based notification system. I signed up. It will be interesting to see how it works!

  11. Beachy Librarian says:

    Oprah’s newest selection (in March 2023) – her 100th selection – for her Book Club is Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano. Fun fact: Ann Napolitano‘s previous book, Dear Edward, was a Read with Jenna selection.

  12. Early April spoiler! Just received “Romantic Comedy” by Curtis Sittenfeld with a Reese’s Book Club circle on it.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Wow, thank you! I will start a new thread.

    2. Book Nerd says:

      It is odd cause she already picked a book in 2018 by this same author. Reese is sure mixing it up on us lately. Tricky!

    3. Is there a way to see a pic?

      1. Book Nerd says:

        A pic of what? I do not take pics of the actual seals. I do not want to get in trouble at my work.

        1. You’re fine. Completely don’t want to get you into trouble!

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