Movie/Book Discussions

When I was in college, we would discuss the novel, then discuss the movie. We would not only compare them, but also discuss the movie’s dipcitions of characters if similar to what we read in the book to the subtle changes and why the script writer opted to add or remove elements of the book.

That got me thinking about my Netflix book club idea a while back that I discussed on my blog. Here is the link.

It got me thinking about questions that could be asked when comparing a book to a movie.

  • Compare the setting (similarities and differences)
  • Compare the characters (similarities and differences)
  • Compare the plot in the story
  • Changed “scenes” from the book to the movie and why do you think they made those changes?
  • Did they do a good job with depicted the book to the big or little screen?
  • What did you enjoy more: book or movie? Why?
  • What was your favorite part of the book/movie? Were they the same scene?
  • What was your least favorite part of the book/movie? Were they the same scene?
  • Was the resolution/ending the same or different?

If I was able to do a book club, I would love to have one like this! Where you read upcoming film adaptions and discuss!

Happy reading, Book Nerds!

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