My review for “Meg and Jo” by Virginia Kantra

Thanks for this ARC, Edelweiss, Berkley, and Virginia Kantra! I enjoyed this book a lot!

I give this book a 4.5 star rating. This novel was delightful. This is a “feel good” novel about sisters with a little mix of love in between. It is loosely based on the novel “Little Women.” As the title indicates, the books two main characters are both the sisters, Meg and Jo. Meg is a mother who has been married, whereas Jo is dating in NYC.

Meg struggles with real world problems including being a mother, taking care of her own mother, and being a wife. Jo is a food blogger who is dating. During the holidays, the family gets together, and all their problems begin to unravel.

The main characters are both likeable and enjoyable to read. For a rom-com fan, this novel was satisfying. However, I wish we had more time to see Trey and jo’s relationship from youth. I also wish they would have portrayed the mother and father better. But overall, the story still worked for me. I enjoyed the sisterly love and the multiple story arcs.

If and when you are expecting a complete 100% re-telling of “Little Women,” then you may be sad though. Although many comparisons can be made, it is not a complete re-telling.

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