My review for “The Bromance Book Club” by Lyssa Kay Adams

I rated this book a 2.5 stars, which after reading the reviews of this book is an unpopular opinion of this novel.

The story is basically about a marriage that is falling apart (due to a stupid reason IMO). Gavin (husband) begins to woo her back with a little help with a new book club. The club is all men and they read romance novels to understand women. You get excerpts of the actual romance novel that they are reading throughout the book. The married couple had a whirlwind romance before they had a shotgun wedding after discovering she was pregnant with his children.

The characters were unlikable. To be honest, I just wanted their marriage to end so that the novel would just end. Every time that there was an excerpt from the romance novel that he was getting his advice to woo his wife back, I would skip, not skim, entirely. I was not impressed by the writing. I thought it was basic. There were so many clichés and the dialogue was not believable. Overall, I would not recommend this novel unless someone wants a mind numbing and quick read.

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