Review for “A Summer to Die” by Lois Lowry

I am giving this book a 4 star review!

Get ready to cry with this book. It gives you all the feels. It is about death, birth, and living.

Basically, she is a young girl with a sister who is dying. You kind of learn all about the disease through the eyes of the other 13ish year old sister. So you are unsure really what is happening but know that it is not good. The book stays true to a little girl’s view of the world, which was refreshing! Typically, books sound like they are narrated by adults in a young person’s point of view. It was a quick novel, being at or around 70 pages.

This story gave me all the feels. I cannot tell you how sad it was. At points, there were times were she discussed sibling rivalry, her relationship with her elderly neighbor, body image, etc. The book is has a lot of themes about siblings. The relationship between Meg and Molly is talked about a lot. Molly is the older sister; she is prettier than Meg. Meg is the child for whom nothing has been easy. She deals with jealous issues between her and her sister. But overall, they are still sisters who love one another. Meg also deals with guilt. Anytime that she is in the hospital, she always feels as though it is her fault.

Overall, a great novel for YA!

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