Review of “Behind Every Lie” by Christina McDonald

OMG! Once you start this book, be prepared to finish it in one sitting! I am giving this novel a 5 star review.

The book has two points of views; Eva and Kat. It spans over a 25 year period to solve the murder of Kat (Eva’s mother). Eva is struck by lightening and loses her memory of what happened the night of her mother’s murder. The reader discovers the clues at the same time as Eva piecing it together. Did Eva have something to do with her mother, Kat’s death? Or is it part of a larger mystery?

It kept my interest the entire book. The writing style and plot was so entertaining that I did not notice. The writing style was so focused and the story just flowed! There are the twists and turns throughout the novel as well for a typical suspense/thriller book.

I have read her other novel “The Night Olivia Fell” and Christina McDonald did it again! This novel was not as emotional as her first novel. “Behind Every Lie” is more suspenseful in my eyes than her 1st novel.

I highly recommend this book and author! Thanks to, Christina McDonald, and Gallery Books for my ARC of this novel.

It is on sale 2/4/20!

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