Review of “Conviction” by Denise Mina

This was the December 2019 book club pick for Reese Witherspoon’s Club! Below is my review.

I am rating this book a 3.5 star.

Anna, the main character, is listening to a mystery podcast to discover that she “knew” someone that was the subject of the podcast. Anna, with the help of others, investigates the unsolved crime. The crime in the podcast centers around a sunken yacht with the suspected murder of a family. The plot itself sounds interesting, right!  

The first half of the book, I read and enjoyed. The suspense and the yacht mystery was intriguing and interesting. As a person who listens to this genre of podcasts, I was excited to read a novel that centered around it. But as the book continues into the investigation, this is where it was a slow burn. I lost interest in the second half and started not to care who did it.  The author weaved a lot of irrelevant past history from Anna into the story. I think it should have centered more on piecing together the clues to solve the crime.

If it was not for the 2nd half of the novel slowing down and not focusing all of efforts on solving the crime, then I would have rated it higher. Overall, I did enjoy the novel and would recommend it.

If you are trying to locate a different and interesting take on suspense or a thriller, then this book is for you!

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