Review of “Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie

Review:  I usually do not review “Classics”


Hercule Poirot series #17: Can be read as a standalone.

Death: Linnet Ridgeway (heiress)

Detective: Hercule Poirot

Setting: Cruise on the Nile

Suspects: husband, husband ex-fiancé, etc.

My Thoughts:

All of Agatha Christie books seem like the board game clue. A person gets murdered and all the suspects are trapped (train, boat, house, etc.). One of them is the murderer and the detective finds clues.

This book has been adapted into a movie recently, so I decided to read it before the movie spoiled it for me. I know that it has other adaptions, but I have not seen those.

Of course with any Christie book, she has a long list of suspects. I kept a character sheet beside me. Once I get all the characters figured out, the mystery is great!

This book had a great twist ending too! I did not guess that at all! This is a slow-burn type of mystery. But also fun to follow the detective as he finds clues and interviews suspects.

I really loved the location of this book. It was set on a cruise on the Nile River! Not too many books are set on the Nile River!

**I did not read the BOTM version. I do not like edited versions of a book. I chose to read the old version**

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