Review of “Eight Perfect Murders” by Peter Swanson

I am giving this novel a 3.5 star review.

A crime novel book store owner, Malcom, is involved in a web of murders. He had a blog and wrote about the 8 perfect murders from novels. Someone is killing people by using his blog post as a guide to his murders. An FBI agent notices the connections to these murders. But a long time ago, Malcom used the dark web to orchestrate a murder of his wife’s drug dealer by swapping murders like “Strangers on a Train.” Could this be connected to these new murders? Who can he trust?

Overall, I found this book to be predictable. It was a quick read and enjoyable. But it had a lot of things that I did not like in it as well. I did not like the constant novels being dropped in the book. I also did not like how he spoiled all those novels in this novel. The book spoiled not just 8 books for me but well over 10. Between thinking of all murders, you also needed to keep track of the 8 perfect murders. But also the far-fetched plot. I am not sure that an FBI agent would make a connection to these murders to a blog posting. There are tons of “perfect murder” websites. They were all ruled an accident and all over the country- to narrow it down to a book store owner when there was only one connection to him seemed a little far fetched to me. The one good thing was the VERY end of the novel. I did not see that coming. So although I predicted the killer, I did not see the ending coming. Overall, I did like the characters in the novel.

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