Review of “Every Vow You Break” by Peter Swanson

Overall: 2.5 or 3 /5 Stars

Summary of review: 

Abigail meets a rich man who proposes and sends her away on a lavish bachelorette party. She is drunk and has cold feet. She meets a man at the bar and has a one night stand. She immediately regrets it, but gets married nonetheless.

The newlyweds go on their honeymoon to a secluded island. And all of a sudden her past regrets may come back to haunt her. The man that she had a one night stand with, travels to find her. Does she tell her spouse?

My thoughts:

I did not like the characters at all. All the characters annoyed me. I really did not like the main character either. At first the plot sounded interested, but (In my own opinion), I found this book almost like the Scarlett Letter where the woman is being punished throughout the entire novel.

It was a slow burn. I usually do not mind a slow burn if I actually care about what is happening in the story. It did not want me to keep reading it at all. I did not find this book thrilling. I found myself rolling my eyes at several times. I also figured out what was happening in the middle of the story. It lacked the twists and turns that a typical thriller has. With a thriller, you want (at least one) moment where you are shocked. I did not get that with this book.


If this is your 1st thriller, do not pick this book up. There are so many other great thrillers. But if you want a quick read of a basic thriller, pick this one up. This is my 2nd Peter Swanson book.

Here is my review of “Eight Perfect Murders.” I rated it a 3.5 star review.

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