Review of Good Company by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Overall: 2.5-3 /5 Stars

Summary of review: 

If you liked the movie “The Marriage Story,” then you will love this book.


Flora has been married for 20 years. A discovery of her husband’s lost wedding ring, reveals hidden truths. Not only about her marriage, but her best friend as well.

We follow past and preset as Flora and her husband navigate their marriage through the years and to raise their daughter, Ruby. Julien owns a small theater company called Good Company. Flora’s best friend is a movie star named Margot.

Can Flora get to the bottom of what happened the summer that her husband lost his wedding ring? Will their marriage survive if she finds out the truth?

My thoughts:

This story is beautifully written.

I enjoyed reading about the characters as well. They were all well-developed. Typically in a novel where the rest of the story drags, you can resonate with the characters. But in this novel, I thought that they were a little bit full of themselves. It was hard to be invested in their relationship; I just was not rooting for them to be together. They had bad communication and were not a good match at all. 

I did not like the plot as much as I thought I would. At first, I was really into it. But as I kept reading it was just like talking to someone with monotone. It did not leave me wanting to keep turning the page. The timeline from past to present did not work for me either.   

The summary states that this book is humorous. I did not laugh once. I found it the complete opposite.

If you watched “The Marriage Story” (2019 movie), then you basically read this book.


I would not recommend this book. But overall it was a quick read.

Trigger warning: Infidelity

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