Review of “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Sophie Cousens

  4 stars


Laura goes to Jersey for work. She is going to investigate her parents’ love story in the exact locations where they met, proposed, etc.

Her believing that every love story has a great meet-cute story starts off this novel. On her trip, she picks up the wrong bag at the airport. Inside the bag is items that make her think this is the perfect man for her.

As she is trying to locate all the spots of her parents’ story, she is escorted by Ted (cab driver).

Will her parents’ love story be everything that she thinks it will be? Will the suitcase guy be her perfect match?

My thoughts:

I loved her other book. I also loved this one!

The characters were all so cute. There was no character that I disliked. I really enjoyed getting to know Ted and Laura throughout. I really enjoyed reading about Jersey as well. I want to read other stories set on this island. I have to try the apple butter mentioned.

I really liked the cross-over from her last book with this book. Although it was subtle, I thought it was a cute way to interweave them together!

This was not action-packed throughout. But the book did keep me reading. I think because of how much I adored the characters. I wanted to see Laura find her soulmate. You know the entire time that something else happened to her parents. I knew it was going to crush Laura.

I also liked how it was serious at times. Typically, rom-coms are so up-lifting. They never talk about real life stuff. But this book talked about how not all stories have the happy endings, moving on from divorce, grief, family secrets, etc. I really enjoyed that about this romance. It also had a mix of humor in it too.

I liked how there were two timelines. But the one timeline was based off of old letters written by her parents.

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