Review of “Honey Don’t List” by Christina Lauren

Overall: 3 star review


This story is set with two POVs, Carey and James. Carey works for a husband/wife (Melissa and Rusty) team that has a popular franchise with flipping houses (think Chip and Joanna in real life). Her main job is working for Melissa. For the cameras and the public, the couple is great. But behind closed doors, they hate each other.

James works for Rusty. He works as the main engineer. He is not happy with this position though. He feels like he is underutilized.

Carey and James are not happy with their positions but cannot quit for various reasons. But Carey and James start to bond while on the road for a book tour. As their marriage starts to unravel, a new romance may bloom.

My Thoughts:

This book was cute and quick. It was a short book.

I really enjoyed the characters but felt like they needed more details. I did not think that I really knew the characters at all. I felt like if I knew the characters more, I would have been more invested in what happened to them. Instead of focusing more on the romance between Carey and James… it felt more focused on the end of a relationship between Rusty and Melissa.

I love Christina Lauren! I will always read her book and need to catch up on her older books. Her writing style is great. I really enjoyed the unique plot with the HGTV twist. Typically, her books make me laugh. But this one had the casual humor.


It you want a quick and fluffy read, pick this book up. Overall, it was cute!

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