Review of “How to Walk Away” by Katherine Center

I am giving this novel a 5 star review!

WOW! I read this book so quickly. I just loved everything about it! I started this book and literally could not put it down. I read for like hours straight.

This book is about a girl who has a trauma on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. This one event changed the course of her life. It is more about a girl who has the strength to keep going against all odds. The story is also about a family that ends up healing from this tragedy. It even has a love story built right in! I laughed, cried, was sad and mad all in one book! It was truly an emotional roller coaster.

The writing was wonderful. Katherine has a talent that the words flowed like poetry. I did not want to miss a single thing in this novel.

The characters were well developed. And I just loved the chanracters in the novel.

I highly recommend this novel!

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