Review of “In A Holidaze” by Christina Lauren

I am giving this book a 5 star review. WOW. I just loved this book! The characters were just fantastic.

Enter, Maelyn, who is living with her parents, hates her job, and has no boyfriend in sight. Every year at Christmas, she spends it at a cabin in Utah with family friends and family. She looks forward to the cabin every year. She finds out that her family friends are selling the cabin and she also made out with her crush’s brother. Now it is awkward for her around both of them. She then wishes to the universe for her to be happy. She ends up repeating the same day of Christmas. Can she save the cabin for another year, fix her life, and end up with her crush?

I just loved this book a lot. From the cute characters, to the romance, to the Christmas traditions, etc. I loved the characters so much! I loved the banter back and forth with the characters in the book. I was rooting for Maelyn the entire time. You just want her to be happy and get her life in order! I also loved the plot. What an interesting romance with the time travel. Let me say that the ending was great too.

Needless to say, I got the holiday Hallmark chills with this book.

This is my 2nd Christina Lauren book. I am pretty sure that I am picking up more of her books. I read “Unhoneymooners’ and gave it a 5 star review as well. Her humor and characters in her rom-coms really are great!

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