Review of “Inside Out & Back Again” by Thanhha Lai

WOW! A 5 star read for me!

At first, I thought this book was for smaller children. But I was wrong; this book can be read by any age. It is a wonderful book of poetic verse about a young Vietnamese girl.

The Story begins at the end of the Vietnam War. A little girl from Vietnam takes refuge in the US (Alabama). Her father is missing in action. She also has to learn to live in a country where she is learning the language. She is being taught the language, culture, and endures bullying from her classmates. We learn all this through the author’s beautifully written verse.

This book was simply amazing. I really enjoyed this novel a lot. The characters in the story were amazing. I learned a lot as well as learned a lesson on the struggle of living in a new country for refuge. The struggle to learn the culture, food, language, and other things can be hard.

Overall, I will recommend this book. It was such a great novel for anyone to read.

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