Review of “Jo: A Graphic Novel” by Kathleen Gros

This is loosely based on “Little Women.” I really enjoyed this take on this classic! I really loved the ending as well.

The author’s graphics were great! I also enjoyed the plot a lot. Jo is an inspiring writer and joined the journalist class at her school. Laurie moves in next door and becomes best friends with Jo. The author weaved a cute love story in there too that was unexpected. You want to root for all the characters. The only downfall was the relationship with Jo and her sisters were lacking. I wanted to see more of the family and sisterly bonds. We saw more of Jo in school than we did the family aspect. The cover kind of indicates that the story will be about family whereas it is more about Jo discovering herself (coming of age story). But overall, this was a great novel.

I would consider this novel YA.

I am rating this novel a 4.5 star review. It comes out this September 2020! I was lucky enough to snag the arc of this graphic novel!

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