Review of “Night Road” by Kristin Hannah

  4.5  star review


Told in multiple perspectives. Jude is a mom of fraternal twins, Mia and Zach. Mia gets a new friend in Lexi, who just moved in with her aunt. Lexi’s family situation is complicated, unlike Mia’s. Lexi begins dating Zach and things get complicated. One day, there is a tragedy that changes the course of history.

My thoughts:

Possible plot spoilers below.

I lost my father in a car accident. So this hit hard for me. I read the description, but wish this was mentioned in the summary of the book. After I got over this intital shock, I did enjoy the book.

The characters were all great. I never cry during a book. But this one did make me misty eyed. The chartacers in the book were very detailed and were brought to life.

Kristin Hannah books are some of my favorite! She really paints a great picture. I really enjoy her writing style as a whole.

I was a little disappointed in the ending. I felt like it was rushed. I also wanted to know more about their future. Just one more chapter about 5 years later would have been helpful.

This book is more about grief and forgiveness more than anything. For Jude not to consume all her life and energy into hate and resentment. You miss out on the life that you have in front of you. This book also shows how different people grief. Each character reacts to it differently.

Trigger warnings: death of a loved one, car accident death, drugs/addiction, grief, jail scenes, DUI, and underage partying/drinking.

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