Review of “Not Like the Movies” by Kerry Winfrey

I am giving this book a 3.5-4 star review!

I enjoyed this book but not as much as the 1st one in this series. But I still thought it was cute and a quick read! I enjoyed “Waiting for Tom Hanks” because it was cute and funny. This was lacked in the funny part.

This novel focuses on Chloe. She is the caregiver to her father who has Alzheimer’s. Her life is not exactly on track for romance. Her best friend, Annie, wrote a screenplay which is inspired by Chloe and Nick. Nick is Chloe’s boss. It is a “will-they- or- won’t they” plot. Will they hook up just like her best friend wrote about or won’t they?

I enjoyed this book! It was cute! I enjoyed some of the characters, but some things did not work for me. I enjoyed the references to rom-coms in the movies. I enjoyed the banter between Chloe and Nick as well. There were some funny parts. But I felt like a rom-com should have a few more laugh out loud moments. But I did not like the attitude with the main character. She was way too “wishy washy” for me. There was part of me that thought she just did not deserve the love back from Nick. I did not understand the attraction between the two of them.

But overall, this novel was great! I would recommend this book and “Waiting for Tom Hanks.” This is the second book in the series but can be read as a stand alone book. I would recommend reading them in order though. But if you picked up the 2nd book, you will be able to follow along. Her best friend comes in frequently and the discussion of the movie is all in book 1.

I rated “Waiting for Tom Hanks” a 5 star review in 2019

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