Review of “One Italian Summer” by Rebecca Serle

Overview: 4 star review


The main character’s (Katy) mother passes away. After her mother’s death, she decides to think about her happiness in life. One thing is her marriage

My Thoughts:

When I saw a new book by Rebecca Serle, I knew I wanted to read it. This one did not disappoint! I went into this book really without knowing or reading a summary of it.

I really liked the characters! I really enjoyed her journey with grief and “finding” herself as a person in a world without her mother (best friend). I also lost my father who was my best friend. I spent every day with him. I feel her pain so much. After a death, it is a natural thing to start re-evaluating and changing your life. I know others (I cannot name names) that have lost loved ones. They sold all their belongings and started a whole different life. I resonate and see this with the main character of this book. Grief is different for everyone, but this book reminded me of my loved ones’ grief.

There were parts that made me cry, but also happy for the main character. Rebecca always knows how to evoke feelings with the reader like no other author can.

\The setting of the book was so detailed. There were pages where I felt like I was there! Also, the description of the food there….YUMMY!

I always enjoy Serle’s writing style and twists inside her books.

Trigger warnings: loss of a parent, cancer, grief, marriage troubles, etc.

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