Review of “One Last Stop” by Casey McQuiston

 3 Stars

Summary of review: This Rom-Com has a unique plot with a magical element.


A girl name August moves to NYC. She gets on the train and meets a girl, Jane. Jane is August’s type, and they hit it off. There is one MAJOR problem though. August discovers that Jane is displaced in time. She is from 1970s and stuck on the train since then. It is up to August to discover the mystery on why Jane is stuck on the train, but what happens to her girlfriend if she discovers why she is stuck?

My thoughts:

Confession: I did not like Red, White, and Royal. It was a DNF for me. When I got this book, I did not realize it was from the same author. But I did finish this one by her! So I actually enjoyed it.

Overall, the plot and characters were enjoyable. Then it started to slow down about 50% into the book. I set it aside for a while, but I wanted to finish it. I think it was a pacing issue. Nothing happens for long sections of this book. What does happen is predictable and boring.

The best part about this book was the characters! I really enjoyed reading about each one of the characters! I thought the love story was so sweet too! I did wish that I knew Jane a lot better than I did. I think that if I was able to get to know the characters more, the rating would have went up.

Also, the “Big Reveal” was predictable. I predicted from the very beginning of the book.

Conclusion:  My thoughts are an unpopular opinion looking at the reviews. So give it a try if you loved her 1st book.

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