Review of “Oona Out of Order” by Margarita Montimore

I am giving this novel a 5 star review.

I really thought I would not like this novel as much as I did. I thought time travel like this would be confusing. But the author writes this story and it is amazing.

The characters are all great. I could not put this book down. It had romance, coming of age, dealing with death, mother/daughter relationship, time travel, and so much more. Each part of her life was connected yet separate. It was very interesting to read! Get ready for pop culture references, especially music, throughout her “leaps.”

This novel is about a woman named Oona who each year “leaps” to a random year of her life. One year she is in the 90s then the next 00s. Her life may be out of order but everything comes together at the end living one year at a time. The author throws in surprises throughout the novel as well.

The writing was suburb, character development spot on, and the plot unique and interesting. Pick this book up, because you will not be disappointed.

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