Review of “Parkland” by Dave Cullen

I am rating this novel a 3.5 star review.

This non-fiction novel centers around the survivors of the Parkland shooting and the founders of the March for Our Lives movement. The story examines the student led protests that followed the shooting against gun violence.

After reading Dave Cullen’s other novel called “Columbine,” I was expecting the heart and passion into this novel. Needless to say, it was not there. It will not stay with me like “Columbine” will. His other novel was emotional and we dove into so many aspects of the shooting, but this one felt like it was lacking passion and emotion. Do not get me wrong, the students and the story were inspiring and had me thinking about gun control in a new light.

Additionally, I wish there were more details of the case itself. I understand the author wanting to be positive, but I felt like I did not even get that. While doing this, it left the story dry and boring at times.

Overall, I did not feel connected or felt like I got to know the founders in any new way. You see them on TV and I was hoping to really get to know them a lot more and their story, but I felt like I did not take anything from the novel.

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