Review of Riley Sager’s “Survive the Night”

 4.5 to a 5 /5 Stars

Summary of review: 

WOW! This book is a nail biter!


Charlie lost her best friend and roommate in college to a serial killer. She feels like it is partly her fault as she left her alone one night. She thinks that she may have seen the killer. Due to the stress, she starts to “see movies in her mind.”

She decides to go home and quit college. She finds a ride with a stranger. During her ride home, she notices some strange things where the man who she is with may not be who he seems. Is the man in the car with her a serial killer? Is her mind playing tricks on her or is this reality?

My thoughts:

Typically Riley Sager’s books follow the same format (slow burn and someone piecing together something that they have hidden in their minds).  This one was a little different format and NOT in a bad way. I literally bite my nails from the middle to the end of the book. My heart literally raced at parts.

Normally, I hate blurred reality books. But this one was very well executed in the writing. You will not be bored when reading this book. It is slow to start but picks up towards the middle and end of the book.

I had a few moments where I rolled my eyes. For example, her friend is murdered and she does not trust people. But she decides to ride home with a perfect stranger. Another situation would be when you think the person is a killer yet you get back in the car with him. But I think the movie references helped me justify this. In a horror movie, you tend to yell at your TV when a person makes decisions where you know danger is awaiting. So just like the movies in her mind, we were “watching” a movie in our minds when reading this book.


No matter what this is a thrilling ride. I bite my nails through the entire thing. It was fast paced and really put me through a loop.

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