Review of “Rock Paper Scissors” by Alice Feeney

Overall: 3.5/5 star review!  


Adam and Amelia win a weekend away to Scotland. Their marriage is failing and this trip may rekindle something. Adam has face blindness which adds to the tension some times. Adam is a screenwriter too. He works long hours and never has time to work on their marriage. Every anniversary, his wife writes to Adam, but they never get read. When they arrive at the Scotland vacation, something seems off about where they are staying. Eerie things keep happening. But they are int eh middle of no where and cannot just leave in a major snowstorm.  

My Thoughts: 

Unpopular opinion: 

This book is scary at points. I thought it was going to be a thriller, but it is border line creepy. I thought that I bought a horror book, then went back to BOTM to see it was a thriller.  

It is a quick book. But it dragged on and on for me. I just thought it was too slow for me. I typically enjoy slow burn books. I just did not like the writing style with this one.  

I also thought the characters needed more detail. I am really getting sick of 90% of thrillers having someone with memory issues, face blindness, etc. None of the characters were likeable at all. I kept thinking that I did not care about their marriage or fate. 

The twist was a good one though. Did it wow me enough for a higher rating…. No.  Was it worth finishing the book over…. Possibly.


If you want a ground breaking thriller that will knock your socks off…. Try another book. If you want one that gives you the creeps, then pick this one up!

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